The number of teams in each division shall be determined by the number of girls committed to play in the league at registration.  There shall be no maximum number teams in any  division.  The minimum number of teams in each division is four.  Each community shall consist of a Community Commisioner, Manager, coaches and the league teams.  Eastern League will follow the ASA Guidelines on age eligibility, which is currently – (Age as of January 1 determines age age eligibility for year).
Example:  Player reaches 13 years of age December 31.  She is NOT ELIGIBLE for 12 & Under age category.
Example:  Player reaches 13 years of age January 2.  She is eligible for 12 & Under age category.


  1. It shall be the duty of each Community Commissioner to prepare plans for their efficient operation and participation in the league.
  2. The commissioner shall be responsible for the proper distribution of all equipment, fields, and operations within the community.
  3. The commissioner shall also be responsible for the condition of the playing fields within their community.
  4. The Commissioner shall be a member of the Protest Committee for all protests within his league with the Executive Commissioner and the Rules Interpreter.
  5. The Commissioner shall meet with the team Managers as often as necessary for efficient operation.
  6. Report all community scores to the local paper for publication.
    1. The Commissioners are responsible for scheduling all League games.
  1. They shall at all times, conduct themselves in a mature manner while striving to fulfill the purpose and objective of EASTERN FASTPITCH.
  2. They shall be responsible for setting an example, which will assist in maintaining good sportsmanship.
  3. Any deviation of A or B will result in immediate dismissal with approval of the President, Executive Commissioner, and Community Commissioner.
  4. They shall distribute, collect, and maintain all equipment and uniforms.
  5. They shall attend all regular scheduled meetings.
  6. They shall be responsible for maintaining the condition of the playing field as directed by the Community Commissioner within a reasonable period of time.
  7. The manager shall maintain communication with any team sponsors periodically to inform them of the team’s progress.
  8. In the event that a visiting or home team does not have enough players to start a game at the prescribed time, every effort should be made to accommodate those that are present.  I.  If at all possible a scrimmage game should be played.
The following is the procedure regarding the proper way to protest a game within the EASTERN GIRLS FASTPITCH SOFTBALL LEAGUE.  Any questions or concerns should be directed to your respective community commissioner.  Your cooperation in following with procedure is greatly appreciated.

The Protest Committee will only consider a protest when based on a violation or interpretation of a playing rule.

A protest will not be considered if proper procedure is not followed.

A protest shall be made as follows:
When a manager realized an infraction on an ASA or League Rule, the Manager shall inform the umpire in charge immediately before play resumes.  If the umpire agrees, he shall reverse his call and no protest will exist.  If in the judgment of the umpire he feels his decision is not in conflict with the rules, the manager may then announce his is playing under protest.

When the umpire is informed of the protest, he will immediately notify the opposing manager and request both scorebooks.  He will sign and note the time, score, and inning the protest was lodged.  Play will resume with no further discussion.

The protest Manager has 48 hours to inform, in writing, the Commissioner of his Community.  No protest will be heard if the name of the umpire and opposing community is not in writing.  If the Commissioner decides, in his judgment, that the protest is valid, they will then submit their findings along with the written protest to the Executive Commissioner.  The protest committee will listen and pass judgment in the protest.  The decision of the protest committee is final with no appeal.


  1. A $60.00 FORFEITURE FEE will be required of all participating organizations in this league.
  2. The Forfeiting team will be charged with a loss
  3. The HOME TEAM will pay the umpires as always.
  4. Notify the rule interpreter or league coordinator within 24 hours by phone and 1 week by mail.  Request for forfeiture money must include: names of coaches involved, phone numbers of coaches, number of girls present from each team and was a scrimmage played.
  5. Payment of forfeiture money is not automatic.  The Executive Committee will meet to determine why a game or scrimmage was not played.
  6. A team that has spent their forfeiture fee is required to IMMEDIATELY replace the spent money.  Failure to comply will result in further sanctions by the league.
  7. The purpose of this league is to provide the girls with an opportunity to play fastpitch softball and any action taken by the Executive Committee with regard to Forfeiture Money will be taken with the GIRLS in mind.
Each team should be a community athletic association team though Parks and Recreation or their respective softball association in order to be granted membership in the Eastern Girls Fast Pitch Softball League.  The girls should be signed or registered and insured through their respective community or association.  No traveling or recruited team allowed.